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I am happily married to Paprika, my husband of 21 years, and we have two beautiful little girls who joined our family much later than we anticipated, but we are eternally thankful they arrived. I am also a teacher/librarian with 20 years experience in public education currently working as an elementary school librarian.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sugar Shaker!

Sugar received a hula hoop for her birthday last Friday, which she immediately identified as her favorite gift....along with her Belle doll, her unicorn, her Alaskan doll, her kitty, her new clothes, etc., etc. (She wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, dontcha know!) Anyway, she has been practicing with her new hula hoop every day and doggone if she's not hula hooping already!

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Joni said...

That is the cutest video! She is a hula hoop queen! :-)